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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Breaking the Hiatus...

Gosh!  Never thought that I would become the epitome for Absenteeism. Its really a long long time back to my last post.  Feel good to be back.

Though nothing has changed for me. Same state, Same place, Same job and everything else same but the outer world, which changed a lot after recession, which came via Europe to Dubai from US.  Everything changed.....It looks like i have got a hefty increment in appraisal. But yeah I did work a lot to have my job safe to enjoy the increment :)...

Signing off..Hope to visit back soon and write more.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Naveen's Journal , 15 Apr 2009, Mumbai

[Taken from my visit to Mumbai one month back where, for the first time, I felt the essence of local trains to Mumbai's everyday life]

April 15th, 2009 - Woken at 9:00 AM by the sound outside of mumbai. Disturbed to find I had fallen asleep without removing the dress i wore last day. Feeling a bit heavy more than i thought. Need to be more careful.

Had to go to Andheri East to get my BOSE headphone fixed. Then to Nariman point to my bro's office. Feeling terrified at the thought of the job to do for the day.

Reached, somehow, to the nearby station - Mansarovar. Don't know how to reach Andheri. Left to me was standing a Gujarati. Asked him about the route to take. Very much helping guy - spent his whole life since childhood using the locals. Even left one train to accompany me. Never thought the men in India's Financial hub have so much leisure time. Couldn't find people having time to even look in eye to eye until now. Need to be more practical in my judgements. Maybe he being the rare exception living solitarily in the fast-flying , out of reach busy city.

Alone travelling in the train, after that guy's stop came and he left. My body in touch with bodies surrounding me. No one is complaining. Very much hot inside. No one is complaining. Normal life to all of them. The world looking so much congested and concentrated to me. Slight increase in the mercury and we shall all be dead. This relentless world: there is only one sane response to it. No complaining and silence, together with serene hot air, touching the water of our body and transforming to cold breeze. Mind adjusted to the situation but my body not ! Waited eagerly for my stop to gain exemption from the relentless situation. Influx dominatined the efflux at every station. Situation deteriorated ....Looked all around. All but me are alive. No complaining. Normal everyday life for all but me!

At last, my stop came. Fighting like a warrior to get out at the stop. Rememberd all manga and animes in a flash. Everyone like me, fighting for a single and same end - to leave the local. With my stop , everything came to halt. Heard stories about this all time from well wishers. Never believed. Can concur now with no hassles.

Got my job done at Andheri. Entered the same hell again to reach Nariman....there is no escape , that being the only sane route to terminus . Can't concentrate. Too tired. No sleep or rest since morning..Closing my eyes to rest. The suroundings going blurry....

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Comical Ghayal Coder's Dialogues

Latest dialogues from the movie "Ghayal Coder" under production:

Sunny Deol: Bench pe bench, bench pe bench, Log paglon ki tarah training
mein raat raat bhar padhte rahe aur unhe mili toh sirf bench!

Analysisi of algorithm karte karte unki khudki life
ban gayi ek unsolvable algorithm aur unhe bhi mili to sirf bench!

Training ke baad proj milega, phir appraisal hoga,
phir onsite jaoonga isi soch mein logon ne training clear kar di aur
unhe bhi mili toh sirf bench!

Bench par baithe baithe log khud ban gaye hai ek
bench, aur phir bhi unhe mili toh bench!

Sunny Deol: Chaddha samjao ise....
Coding karne ke liye jo jigar chahiye hota hai wo
kisi bazaar mein nahi milta...
Coder use lekar paida hota hai....

Sunny Deol: Aur jab yeh Java ka code kisi Dotnet wale ko karna pad jata
hai na,
Toh coder uth ta nahi, balki is duniya se uth jaata

Sunny Deol: Bazaar main aise code bht milte lekin unko chalane k liye jo
seena chaiye hta hai who ek coder lekar paida hta hai


Developer Nana Patekar's dialogue:

Bang Bang Bang...(on the keyboard)...

Ye dekho ...
Ye 'C' ka code.. ye 'C++' ka code... Ye dono mila diya...

Ab bata saale tester - 'C' ka kaunsa, 'C++' ka kaunsa???

Jab banane waale ne ismein koi farak nahi kiya to tum kaun ho farak karne
waale.... Bata bata


Saturday, May 2, 2009

A quip on swine flu, soon to be a pandemic

Funny but so wrong : They once said a black man would be president when pigs flew. First 100 days BAM!! Swine Flu ..

;) :)

Pic: Piglet and Pooh :

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random But Interesting Gush :


WE ( Employees ) :

"I'll goddamn tell ya.


No company has a 'dynamic work environment'.


No company has a 'friendly boss and friendly coworkers'.


No company cares about your 'personal career advancement'.


No company cares about whether or not you'll be able to pay for your fucking mortgage.


No company cares about whether you are able to provide for your whining wife.


No company cares about whether you can feed your bitching ingrate children.


No company will ever admit that all their executive type bossholes are assholes.


No company will ever admit that busting your balls for 40 hours per week, one decade after another, is FUCKING SICK.


Jobs suck.


They are extremely inefficient at making a living.


Just figure out how to create passive income online and be done with the rat race already.


Wage slavery... what a waste of time.


I'll never return to it as long as I goddamn live. "